Lego Roses Bouquet Review 10328

Lego Roses Bouquet Review 10328

I recently got this, and it’s such a cool set! It’s not just for kids; adults will love it too, especially if you’re into crafts or decor. The set includes these incredibly detailed and colorful Lego roses that you can assemble to create a beautiful bouquet. It’s a bit of a challenge, but totally worth it because the end result is so realistic and pretty. I placed mine in a vase, and it’s been a great conversation starter. Plus, it’s awesome that it never wilts. Perfect for a unique gift or to brighten up your space!


Name: Bouquet of Roses
Set Number: 10328
Pieces: 822 pieces
Price: US$59.99 / AU$99.99 / £54.99 / €59.99 / CAD$79.99
Exclusive to: N/A
Theme: Icons
Release Date: 1 January 2024

Build Experience

I started working on the Lego Roses Bouquet with a lot of enthusiasm! Opening the box, I spread out all the pieces. The instructions were clear, guiding me through each step. It felt like a puzzle, matching colors and shapes, snapping pieces together. I began with the stems, adding leaves, and then the colorful petals. It was a bit tricky getting the petals just right, but seeing the roses take shape was so satisfying. In the end, arranging them in my makeshift Lego vase, I couldn’t help but feel proud. It was a fun, creative process, and now I have this gorgeous, everlasting bouquet to show off!

Sum Up For Lego Roses Bouquet

In conclusion, building the Lego Roses Bouquet was an incredibly rewarding experience. It combined the joy of crafting with the satisfaction of completing a puzzle. Although it had its challenging moments, especially with the petals, the clear instructions and the beauty of the finished product made it all worthwhile. This set isn’t just a toy; it’s a piece of decor that adds a unique touch to any room. For anyone looking for a creative project or a special gift, I highly recommend it. It’s a testament to the fun and beauty that can be created with just a bit of patience and creativity.